Get Videos from YouTube Channel using Data API v3 and PHP

The YouTube Data API provides an easy way to access YouTube channel data and incorporate into your web application. The various resources can be retrieved from YouTube channel using Data API. If you want to implement YouTube videos gallery on your website, it could be done using YouTube Data API and PHP.

If you have a requirement to retrieve videos from YouTube channel and listing on the website, our example script will help you a lot. This tutorial will show you the simple way to get videos from YouTube channel and display them in the web page using YouTube Data API v3 with PHP. We will use YouTube Data API v3 to retrieve videos from YouTube channel and list them in the website using PHP.

YouTube Data API Key
In order to use YouTube Data API, you must enable YouTube Data API v3 and create API key on Google Developer Console. The API key needs to be provided in the YouTube Data API request.

Get Youtube Videos using YouTube Data API v3
YouTube Data API request returns the JSON data that includes the information of the video (title, description, thumbnails, publish date, etc.). You need to specify the API key ($API_key), YouTube Channel ID ($channelID).


//Get videos from channel by YouTube Data API
$API_key    = 'Insert_Your_API_Key';
$channelID  = 'Insert_Channel_ID';
$maxResults = 10;

$videoList = json_decode(file_get_contents(''.$channelID.'&maxResults='.$maxResults.'&key='.$API_key.''));

Note that: The YouTube Data API Key will get from Google Developer Console which you created earlier.

Youtube Video List using PHP
Loop through the $videoList->items to list the videos from a YouTube channel.

foreach($videoList->items as $item){
    //Embed video
        echo '<div class="youtube-video">
                <iframe width="280" height="150" src="'.$item->id->videoId.'" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
                <h2>'. $item->snippet->title .'</h2>

In the YouTube video list, Video ID and Title are used, but you can show the other information as per your requirement. The following information is provided by the API.

YouTube Video ID – $item->id->videoId
YouTube Video Publish Date – $item->snippet->publishedAt
YouTube Channel ID – $item->snippet->channelId
YouTube Video Title – $item->snippet->title
YouTube Video Description – $item->snippet->description
YouTube Video Thumbnail URL (default size) – $item->snippet->thumbnails->default->url
YouTube Video Thumbnail URL (medium size) – $item->snippet->thumbnails->medium->url
YouTube Video Thumbnail URL (large size) – $item->snippet->thumbnails->high->url
YouTube Channel Title – $item->snippet->channelTitle

Using our YouTube video list script, you can get all the videos from a channel without authentication (OAuth). Only an API Key need to be created on Google Developer Console and specified it in the script. That’s all! you can specify any YouTube channel from where the videos will be retrieved.

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